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Camp Counseling and Catering

We introduced our 'Camp Counselor/Party Planner' Program to help serve you better. We have had great success helping you plan your treks, Girls Camps, Scout Camps, ward parties, family reunions, corporate and work parties. So Any Event, big or small, we can help you plan for them all. We help you save time and money, and we have your order ready for you to pick up at your convenience.

PLANNING- One of our counselors will meet with you and can help you plan your menu, how much to purchase, plus offer tips and recipes that will help ensure that your event will run smoothly.

COOLER SERVICES- We have coolers that are available for you to use when placing your order with us.

FREE ICE- We include FREE ice to thank you for your order!

SAVE MONEY- You don't have to buy huge box store bulk sizes that will go to waste, we will help you whether you buy a can, a case or a pallet. WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY!!

To help us insure that your event is a success, please give us a week's notice.

Come on in and talk to our camp counselor/party specialist's and let us take the load off so that you can concentrate on the FUN!!

Our camp counselor/party planner specialists are

Katie Kitchen and Amy Shelley 801-489-0088

Give them a call between the hours of 8 A.M. and 4 P.M.